35 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. jahangir says:

    I think you are a very sweet & sexy girl.

  2. Dlwar says:

    Hi..Natasha u looks very cute n sexy..I love ur all videos. I have a dream of shooting a porn video with u.

  3. sajid says:

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  4. RAHUL says:


  5. Kush says:

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  6. rajes kumar says:

    You are very butifull

  7. sanjiv kumar says:

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  8. Devil says:

    I Love you Natasha malkova. I love you your lips.so I want to Kiss your lips.

  9. Gaury says:

    Natasha u r most beautiful come in Bollywood please don’t make blue film u r looking actress not pornstar

  10. Nikhil says:

    Ur really beautiful. God bless you… love you….

  11. ujjwalhalder says:

    i love you

  12. vicky Soni says:

    Natasha u r my dream from bottom of my heart…will u merry me???how can possible meet me ya i can meet u plzzzz reply me on my I’d

  13. milan sarkar says:

    I love u natasa

  14. devil says:

    hi natasha

  15. N L G says:

    Hey Natasha !! You r so beautiful and cute.
    I like your simpleness. U r so gorgeous. I like u.

  16. rood says:

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  17. amit says:

    Hi..Natasha u looks very cute n sexy..I love ur all videos. I love you I love you your lips.so I want to Kiss your lips so i have a dream of shooting a porn video with u.

  18. Linga reddy 007 says:

    Excellent… It’s a god given gift for u…U r a Lucky giri u have a bright future with me…I never leave u…We will meet soon…U r beautiful & Sexy at Last U r the Angel of the World…Love u forever Natasha Malkova 007

  19. hosan says:

    Hy!!! Natasha you are very sexy. I want to kisss your lips.

  20. mohsin says:

    U are so pretty
    And i think porn style is not 4u
    U are my dream girl
    So plz give me your phone nmbr

  21. Ari Rj Banerjee says:

    I love u Shona

  22. DON says:

    you are so beautiful.I love your face its just like an angel from the heven.You are my dream girl

  23. Armaan amin says:

    hi natasha. u r real beauty. ll u b my lyf prtnr?

  24. sandip Hati says:

    U r so sweet & sexy for this reason I am big fan of u .so I want a sweet self with u plz

  25. prateek says:

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  26. First Last says:

    you introduced Mia Malkova, but u ur self not more popular than her, why?

  27. Abhilash says:

    you are my favorite star.. but don’t know why you left porn industry. please come back if possible. you are very beautiful. my best wishes to you dear.

  28. manoj kumar says:

    Hi natash i like u .u r so beautiful i want to u fb friend

  29. Khan says:

    You are so sweet I like you and love u.
    You have a Swedish lips

  30. Mujtaba says:

    Natasha hi. your Real Beauty full girl and?

  31. Mujtaba says:

    Natasha hi.you are real beautiful girl and?

  32. Nifaj says:

    You are very beautiful

  33. ajad says:

    I see your tow videos that you r a nice girl but why u create a savage job.
    hurry u get out it is your own life.that is my requeste

  34. Veer says:

    Hey, love u Natasa

  35. Veer says:

    Hey,.. Love u Natasa

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